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Academic Standards

WCHS Bulldog Academic Standards

For an Academic Institution:

  • Teach and Re-teach California standards
  • Expect all students to learn and succeed
  • Clean campus, which includes classroom
  • Safe campus (physically and emotionally, student-student, student-staff, staff-student, staff-staff)
  • Communicate with parents: phone, letters, e-mail
  • Use of schoolwide literacy strategies, and academic vocabulary

For an Academic Student:

  • Present and on time to classes
  • Use Bulldog Planner daily
  • Treat others as you would want to be treated
  • Respect campus as your own
  • Be responsible for your behavior, conduct, school work, and future planning
  • Complete school work
  • Use Academic vocabulary
  • Work learn from bell-to-bell
  • No eating/drinking in class
  • Be Positive, be Prompt, be Prepared, be Polite, be Productive
  • Treat the entire Bulldog Family with dignity, worth, and respect

For an Academic Institutional Staff:

  • Be on time, ready to greet students into class, and start at the bell. Teach re-teach from bell-to-bell
  • Promote school wide literacy and content standards (Test, re-test, and re-test/Write, re-write, rewrite to help student master content knowledge
  • Promote academic and conduct standards (including use of daily Bulldog Planner

Honor Code

For more information, also read about the WCHS Academic Honor Code

Content Standards

For the California content standards, please visit the California Department of Education website.