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Academic Honor Code

Philosophy of Honor and Integrity

The pursuit of knowledge is a pursuit of honest excellence; it must be achieved by sincere, committed effort.  West Covina High School understands the vital role of personal integrity in all academic endeavors.  The honor system is based on the belief and attitude that students are responsible for their academic behavior just as administrators and faculty are responsible for academic leadership.  The purpose of the honor system is to guide by example and to foster an academic community in which the work of students is both a search for knowledge and an honest reflection of that effort.

This system is based on the realization that high school students, though not yet adults, are no longer young children.  It is crucial that staff members present and explain the honor system on an annual basis to provide students the opportunity to understand its boundaries and expectations.  The honor system will only work if everyone in the school expects and demonstrates honest academic behavior.

Definition of Plagiarism (As defined by the CSU system)

 The act of using the ideas or work of another person or persons as if they were one’s own without giving proper credit to the source.  Such an act is not plagiarism if it is ascertained that the ideas were arrived at through independent reasoning or logic or where the thought or idea is common knowledge.”

Examples of Plagiarism:

  • Copying another’s (student or otherwise) work and submitting it as one’s own work.
  • Using any other person or organization to prepare work that one then submits as their own.
  • Submitting images and/or documents in whole or in part from the Internet without citation of the source(s).
  • Using material from the Internet without clearly identifying it as such.
  • Incorporating portions of another’s writing within the context of your own work.
  • Failing to acknowledge a source of information.
  • Using “unique” phrases without citations.
  • Using graphics, charts, diagrams, and illustrations without citations.
  • Submitting identical or similar papers for credit in more than one course without prior permission from the course instructor.
  • Taking someone else’s assignment and submitting it as your own.
  • Submitting or using falsified data or records.
  • Providing material to be used in a dishonest manner, such as providing homework answers for copying.
  • Profiting financially in the support or action of unethical behavior.

Examples of Infractions to Honor Code

  • Homework Copying
  • Plagiarism
  • Improper Collaboration (assignments, projects, etc)
  • Copying during a test
  • Buying a paper
  • Changing a grade
  • Stealing a test
  • Text messaging or using other electronic devices during a test.
  • Cheating on a test



NOTE:  All major infractions immediately jump to the second offense.  Offenses will accumulate over a student’s high school career and will not be erased each year.



First Offense

Second Offense

Third Offense

Zero on assignment



Parent notice   



Admin. Documentation



Citizenship drop to “N”

(Any class)     

Drop to “U”

(Any class)     

Possible drop from class



Saturday School




NOTE:  Any fourth offense, regardless of class will result in a multiple day suspension.


Students in a honors/AP class are expected to work at and are held to higher standards of conduct.  Therefore, the following consequences will be in effect for them:          



Same as above, plus warning of drop

Same as above, plus drop from course

Same as above, plus drop all Honors/AP courses



Procedure:  Teachers will fill out a discipline referral for any violation of the honor code and deliver it to the office of discipline for documentation and consequences, if applicable.