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Teacher Pages
Abbott, Vicky Math, World Language
Allen, Don Physical Education
Alvidrez, Dora World Language
Amaro, Remy Physical Education (Dept. Chair)
Amimoto, Jeff Applied Arts, Social Science
Barnes, Brian Math
Barreto, Norma English
Beck, David Social Science
Beeken, David Social Science
Birulin, Robert Applied Arts, Math
Bonayon, Roel (626) 859-2900 ex.4114 Special Education Teacher
Breidinger, Courtney Math
Brugger, Lia English
Cabon, Stacey ROP: Digital Photography
Cabral, Juan Teacher
Carrera, Macelina World Language
Casas, May Math
Castro, Erik Math (Dept. Chair)
Cayem, Katherine Teacher
Charlton, Gary Math (Dept. Chair)
Chen, Alex Science
Chu, Liz Math
Cox, Kevin Math
Demke, Randy Social Science
Duke, Sally Applied Arts
Duncan, Wendy Applied Arts (Dept. Chair)
Eichinger, Danube Special Education
Emigh, Gregory English
Evans, Thomas Social Science
Flores, Maria Science
Franck, Candace Science
Garza, Maria English
Goodwin, Mike Teacher
Guzman, Bill Science
Heilman, Jason Physical Education
Hernandez, Sal English
Hoang, Phuong Social Science
Holland, Margaret Science
Hornell, Klaus World Language
Hyun, Thomas English
Jacobo, Jose Math
Jastrab, Jim Physical Education (Dept. Chair)
Johnson, Travis English
Julien, Cathi Fine Arts
Kangas, Charmaine Science
Kelley, Jeffery Math
Khoury, Magda World Language
Kim, Grace English
Kim, Jane Science
Koppel, Greg ROP: Sign Language
Larson, Linda Air Force Junior ROTC
Leon, April Math
Lopez, Manny Social Science
Lorenger, Drew Social Science
Lorenger, Lyndie English
Lui, Howard Special Education
Maggiore, Mike Physical Education
Mangini, Maria World Language
Maroun, Maya Math, (LinkCrew Advisor)
McConville, Mark Physical Education
McPherson, Denise Science, Special Education
Messick, Kurt Social Science
Milon, Emily English
Mo, Lisa English
Moser, Ted English (Dept. Chair)
Murphy, Brian Math (Athletic Director)
Myers, Fred Science
Myers, Jennifer World Language
Nakamura, Phoebe English
Olivas, Steve (626) 859-2900 ex.2950 Fine Arts (Band Director)
Osborne, Kyle Science
Osterberg, Joe Math
Patteron, Marissa Teacher
Pedersen, Sharon Science
Pelleriti, Lucie English
Perluss, Stephanie English (Yearbook Advisor)
Poma, Andrea English
Ramirez, Adriana Physical Education
Reid, Erin English, (Renaissance Advisor)
Rising, Lee Driver's Education
Rodriguez, Tonatzin English
Sanchez, Tiana Math
Sanford, Samuel Social Science
Sanford, Sarah English
Schwandt, Christine Fine Arts
Segura, Kimberly Fine Arts (Dept. Chair)
Simonian, Mercury Physical Education
Sosa, Araceli Teacher
Sun, Jennifer English
Tam, Annie Teacher
Tello, Corey Math
Van Buskirk, Stewart Fine Arts
Vivas, Amanda English
Walton, Karon Math
Ware, Mark Special Education, Math
Whitten, Kim English
Wigglesworth, Tyler Teacher
Wirth, Karen Social Science (Dept. Chair)
Wolf, Erin Teacher
Wong, Melanie ASB Advisor
Wood, Guy Air Force Junior ROTC
Woodward, Dan Physical Education
Zhou, Jin Science

Web Development

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